My name is Joseph Darnell. I have 16 years experience in design. I live in metro Atlanta with my fantastic wife and two great kids. I’m a creative director, writer, podcaster, graphic designer, screencaster, and movie critic.

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Intentional Sensibility is about technology, design, workflows, apps, movies, and podcasts. Originally started on WordPress in 2008, this site went through several reboots before "discovering" its identity and moving to Squarespace in mid 2011. I aspire to become an entrepreneur: full-time content creator of artful podcasts, screencasts, and a better web for Apple geeks.


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Eric Rauch, Michael Minkoff, and I discuss the inner depths of movies — their philosophical and cultural relevance. If you are thoughtful about the arts and want more than the shallow Tomato Meter, this is your show. Subscribe »

I’m working to reboot Movieology’s podcast at this time. The main goal is to substantially enhance the production values. The future is bright for this show, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Every now and then, I produce an app workflow demo that I hope you find helpful. Here’s some highlights from my YouTube channel.

Tool Set

My primary tool is a sleek MacBook Pro with 15" Retina display (circa late 2012) and an iPhone 5s in Space Gray with 32 GB. I also have an iPad Air in Space Gray (ooo la-la) with 32 GB. I mostly use the iPad for reading and gaming. The MacBook is my writing and design tool. The iPhone is my computer on-the-go, of course.

For external storage, I have a WD My Passport Air. I backup using Backblaze and Time Machine. I also carry a pocket knife and a sophisticated pair of Warby Parker glasses (wish I knew where I put them…).


I use a collection of iOS and Mac apps to better my writing. Some of my favorites are Byword, MindNode, Drafts, Evernote, Scrivener, and Day One. Someone famous once said, “A man buys something for two reasons: a good reason and the real reason.” It’s my aim to endlessly explore and improve my workflows and craftsmanship.

As for graphic design, I primarily use Photoshop. Sometimes I’m in Illustrator or InDesign. For podcasting, I use Skype, Call Recorder, and Logic Pro X. I also know my way around Final Cut Pro X and Screenflow (my preferred screencast recorder and editor).